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Accounting is nothing but a systematic yet comprehensive recording of transactions which are financial in nature and related to businesses of any size. Accounting as a subject can be sub divided into different fields like financial accounting, auditing, management accounting, and tax accounting. Accounting system is uniquely designed for supporting accounting functions and other associated services. It provides information to management about financial results and financial position of a business organization. Financial accounting and Management accounting are 2 major sections of accounting as a whole. Financial accounting covers ledgers, profit and loss account and balance sheets. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are 2 sets of rules popularly known as accounting frameworks based on which business transactions gets recorded in the financial statements. Management accounting covers that particular area of accounting which makes investigations for improving the profitability for organizations and presents the report to management. As a whole accounting is one such subject based on which the complete accounting system of an organization is developed. Overall accounting as a subject needs to cover information about the tasks like recordation, classification, and reporting. A student needs to be technically sound to understand the rules of accounting to come out as a responsible accountant or finance manager for a company.

Balancing between regular class studies and homework is not at all a simple job. In most of the cases student’s dont get enough time to finish the assignments given for completion at home. They need time to study rules of accountancy to score well in exam. But homework assignment scores also get added in the final score to declare the final result. Homework need to be completed in short timeline and managing that time seems difficult for the student in spite of the fact that they are good students. Assignments need to be prepared following strict guidelines given by the faculties.
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