People have the general notion that writing a paragraph is much easier than drafting an essay. However, that is not true, it is true that a paragraph consists of only a few lines but the writer has to stick to one idea through the entire lines while in an essay the writer has the freedom to talk about more than one topic that is closely related to one another in different paragraphs. The students are asked to submit an essay mostly in the course of their academic life and most of them hire the help of custom essay writing services to get the grades that enhance their academic records. The same students when are asked to write a paragraph, they think it will take less time and space on the sheet but they do not have the skill to write a particular thing to a point and end up writing an essay again. ventures to acquaint the students with the differences and similarities that exists between essays and paragraphs so that when writing either of the two, the students know what exactly hey have to write and how.

  1. An essay can be considered similar to a paragraph in three major aspects:
    • Both essay and paragraph consist of a topic sentence.
    • The details that are added in a paragraph are similar to that of the paragraphs in an essay.
    • Just like the concluding paragraph in an essay, the paragraph has a concluding line.
  2. Difference between an essay and a paragraph:
    • The format: the traditional structure of any essay involves an introduction where the essay writers introduce the subject of the essay to the readers, which is followed by the content or the body of the essay divided into three paragraphs that include the research work, the critical analysis, and the arguments, lastly the essay reaches its final part with a conclusion where the writer talk about the result that he landed on. A paragraph on the other end does not have as many requirements; the topic sentence is like an inauguration for the paragraph and the lines that follow describes the purpose that the paragraph will serve which are followed by the evidence to support the topic sentence.
    • Teachings: an essay teaches the writer the skill of organization of the points into a specific order which presents the thoughts of the essay writers in a more logical way. Whereas, a paragraph teaches the writer to use standard English to concise his points. This increases the vocabulary of the essay writers much faster than the essays.

The students need to be clear about the basic concepts of writing if they want to be able to communicate with the readers in the forms of their writing materials and convey the intended opinion or information in the most convenient method. To groom themselves into professional writers the students can avail the facilities of custom essay writing services and mark their name in the writing world. Contact for professional assistance in writing.

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