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The term “essay” is used in different ways for different type of contexts. The clearest definition of an essay has been composed by Frederick Crews, English professor at the University of California. He describes an essay as “a brief piece of non-fiction writing that makes a point in an appealing way.” An essay is an objectively a brief piece of writing. Writers refer it to book-length writings. But, eventually, it refers to the short pieces that can be published in newspapers and magazines. An essay is a non-fiction piece of writing. This means that essay conveys true facts and not just phrases of entertainment. Short stories shouldn’t be confused with essays because such stories are fictional. Essays are non-fictional but it does not imply that each word is factually true. Theoretical instances can be an efficacious way of demonstrating a point, as can citations from fictional papers. Such citations should help in serving the objective of describing a claim that the writer considers to be true. Essay writing tries to make an argument, which is the most challenging aspect of essays. It is not just a cluster of words or paragraphs, but it points in a single direction. It leads to a particular conclusion.

There are numerous challenges that a student faces while writing an essay. Some of the problems are:

  • The most basic issue that a student faces is not having the knowledge to express his/her thoughts.
  • Some students are not careful while selecting their topics and they end up choosing a topic which is out of the context from their course or subject.
  • Other most commonly occurred issue is in fragmenting the sentence. This problem arises when the students do not add a verb or a subject in the same sentence. This tends to make their sentences incomplete.
  • Grammar is yet another problem faced by the students. Some students think that they have to write the particular things that they speak. This causes a lot of grammatical errors in their work.

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