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College Homework is set of task which is assigned by the teachers to the students to assess the abilities of their learning skills outside the class. It helps to develop the student’s skills and accuracy. Homework has been classified into various forms such as poems, short stories, articles etc. Students will have to make use of every free time. Student should be more involved and organized while doing their homework. Students have been given some deadline to submit their homework. College homework is vast than the school homework. In schools, mostly homework is related to their subject or course but in colleges, they have to research well on particular topic and they usually get assignments which are strange to them. Homework is seen as a valuable resource for learning. It helps to score well. Through it students can work on their accuracy and knowledge. Teachers often give assignments consisting of writing, reading, problem solving that the students must do after classes most probably at home to practice what has been taught in the class. The main aim behind giving homework is to reinforce what has been done in earlier class. Sometimes the purpose is to gather extra information beyond what has been taught in class.
Students do not have time to spend in doing homework due to their busy schedules. Since it requires a lot of research, concentration and demands more hard work, few of them are lazy as they don’t plan for their homework and leave it for later and when the deadline comes closer then they realize that they are not able to complete their work on time and generally end up with an uninteresting topic. Lack of knowledge and skills also land the students in trouble. They fail to find material for their homework, because of lesser sources. Grammar is the common problem students generally find during their homework.
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