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The essay consists of three main parts- introduction, body, and conclusion. The writing should be flexible and if you try following the standard format of an essay it will help you stay organized with your paper. knows that it is not easy for the students to write an essay. A number of students feel inferior because of their writing. Some of the students feel that the research part is difficult and some of them get stuck in the middle of their writing. The Essay writing service is going to share the tips on how to draft an essay for those students who finds the essay writing a burdened work. You can easily get through with your essay and assignments in no time if you follow the few simple steps mentioned below-

  • Introduction:- The Essay writing service think that the introduction gives guidance to the reader by introducing the topic. It should begin with the hook that catches the eyes of the readers. This hook could be a phrase, quotes, question etc. After catching the attention of the reader the introduction should give the general idea about the topic so that the reader can easily understand the main and important claims. The information should be verifiable and true. Also, it should not be new to the reader. Finish the introduction with the thesis statement.
  • Thesis statement:- The thesis statement consists of the main idea of the essay. It tells the main arguments that will be further used in an essay and it also indicates the organization of the essay. It sets the limit to the essay and acts as the road map for your writing. It will tell the reader what the writer has to say and what main points will be used to support the essay.
  • Body:- The body of the essay consist of the main points discussed in thesis part. The body of an essay is written in three different paragraphs and each point is written in details supported with the in-depth information. The details are included with the help of experiments, surveys, sampling and research depending on the topic. In addition, writer’s ideas and analysis on the topic tie the idea together. Enhance the body of an essay by discussing the interesting facts and findings.
  • Transitions:- The transitions are used between the sentences and paragraphs. It is used to develop a link between the two different paragraphs. It helps to keep the flow of writing within the lines and the sentences. The transitions can be one or two words like “in addition” or “next” etc.
  • Conclusion:- It brings together all the main points discussed above and leaves the reader with the final thought and resolving the issue discussed in the essay. Do not include any new idea or the statement in the conclusion part.
  • Citations:- If you have done research regarding your essay, then do not forget to give credits to the other author at the end of the paper.

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