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Dissertation is a type of academic writing. Usually a dissertation is the most significant piece of independent research work in the undergraduate program. It is primarily a self-administrated process. Dissertation writing reflects the student’s knowledge of a particular subject or course. Dissertation assignments are quite beneficial. Dissertation writing is a time-consuming task. Writing a dissertation requires a proper planning and research skills. The dissertation should be well chosen for which one can collect all the relevant information within a relatively short period of time. Dissertation is a structured piece of writing. It is generally a response to a thesis, a question or a logic that develops an argument about the thesis. Dissertation is quite similar to essays. Dissertation can take many different forms. We can adopt two ways to write a dissertation. One is primary research in which information collected for the motive of dissertation and secondary research includes data that already exist. Students are throughout their year busy preparing their dissertation papers. But this is not only assignment they are provided with. Hence they learn organization skills. They learn to create a balance between their various academic activities. A dissertation should state the purpose of the investigation. Writing a dissertation is the most daunting task, students find difficulty in writing a dissertation due to improper language; generally students make mistakes in grammar, punctuations, spellings etc, they generally use slangs, jargons in their dissertations which are not at all acceptable as dissertation writing comes under formal writing. Another problem they generally face is in finding relevant reference to support their arguments. One of the most critical parts of dissertation in writing dissertation is the thesis statement; the students find difficulty in formulating a suitable thesis statement. They fail to submit their dissertation on time due to poor planning and time management.
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