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Dissertation paper is the most significant and difficult assignment. Dissertation is a formal paper, scholarly research paper which students have to submit to get their degree. Dissertation papers are primarily research papers where students do an extensive investigation of the subject or the topic they have chosen. Dissertation papers reflect what exactly a particular student is capable of in academic terms. They are helpful for a better and thorough analysis of their subject. A dissertation paper follows the pattern of a thesis, but in an extended manner. An extensive amount of research work is required for dissertation writing. A college research paper or thesis paper requires information collective of around 5 to 7 pages but a dissertation paper is somewhat of 200 to 250 pages. Dissertation topic is chosen by students themselves. Their topic must be in relation to the subject or course they want to receive the degree in. The topic chosen must be approved by university or college dissertation committee. Dissertation writing involves deep investigation about the subject to receive valid and required arguments in support of thesis statement proposed. Dissertation paper writing is more of an independent and self-oriented process. The thesis statement is an integral component of dissertation writings. Students come across several hardships in their academic career. Dissertation papers are essential for their academics. The topic selection comes with a lot of confusion; students are not able to choose a topic which is impressive and controversial. And later on they usually end up with un-organized topic which is common and also opted by other students. It increases the repetition of their arguments. Another problem most student face is formulating a suitable thesis statement as it is the most crucial part of the dissertation because it presents the purpose of the research. Students generally come up proposing an unorganized thesis statement due to the absence of an expert advice.
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