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An essay is a piece of write-up which meticulously analyze and evaluates an issue, topic or a subject matter. Essentially, an essay is aimed to get the academic viewpoint of a student on a specific matter. Students often get confused about giving opinions in academic write-ups. They make assumptions that the educational writing should only stick to supporting the evidence and forget about the opinions completely. There are significant differences between both academic and personal opinions. Academic opinions are determined by conducting research and scrutinizing the evidence. Such opinions are guided by logical thinking. Personal experiences are determined by the personal feelings of the writer. These opinions are conducted by sentiments, personal experiences, and individual character. It is easy to defend an academic opinion or argument/claim but personal opinions are hard to validate concretely. Creating a great essay is not just about plotting and re-telling prevailing ideas. Instead, a great essay will include innumerable viewpoints and set forward the claim which reflects the opinion of the writer. Before planning a great essay, it is essential to have a precise idea of the topic or subject matter. It is vital to have a position, stance, or argument on the essay topic, which is used to defend the solid evidence and this procedure is called a thesis statement.
Whether it is an argumentative, persuasive or a narrative essay, writing a great essay is very challenging for the students. Writing is a long road of fabricated surprises and extended revisions. Accurately quoting the sources, composing a thesis statement, and giving comprehensive ideas are few common issues which the students encounter while writing an essay. Some of the pitfalls are:

  • Difficulty in beginning an essay is one of the most common problem that a student faces.
  • Also, drafting a clear thesis statement is also an issue for the students these days. The tactic is to draft a thesis statement before composing the body of the essay paper.
  • Many students have insecurities about their writing skills. They tend to become unsure of expressing their creative thoughts into the essay.

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