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A literary piece of composition is called an essay. A composition whether an article on a specific theme or subject needs to be written in clearly and grammatically appropriate language so that it increases the level of its readability. An essay can be drafted on any topic which can either be instructed by the teacher in the school or university or can be chosen according to one’s wish. The traditional five-paragraph rule of essay writing is accepted everywhere but the essay can be written in multiple paragraphs in accordance with the information that has to given. The essay has its root in the French origin as it was first written by a Frenchman whose name was “Michel de Montaigne” who wrote about his emotions on the ideas of agony, idleness, etc. and the first Englishman to write an essay was “Sir Francis Bacon” in the late 1600’s on the subjects of death, studies, fear, friendship, etc. The well-structured essays are academic essays where there is an introduction, three paragraphs, and conclusion. The formal essays have a rigid structure and employ the use of formal language, whereas, the informal essays are written in a conversational tone which might include a journal entry or description of a private event.
The common problems that the students encounter in essay writing are:

  • Writer’s block: The external and internal reason that compels the writer to procrastinate his writing is known as writer’s block. The writer’s block cripples the thinking ability of the writer and paralysis the writing speed.
  • Plagiarism: The students do not have an overall knowledge of the subject and search for the information online, however, the information collected is not analyzed and to save time it is copied as it is, in the essays of the students.
  • Lack of writing skills: The students do not have right skills to investigate the topic and analyze the data to reach a definitive conclusion.

The grammatical errors and the ignorance towards proofreading task are another setback to the essays drafted by the students. The essay writing services available online promise to be the best but our website is client-oriented and full attention is paid to the orders and suggestions of the customers. The services that we offer our customers are:

  • Professional custom writings: As mentioned above the suggestions of the customers are of core value to us and the writers assigned to their tasks, prepare the essays according to their instructions.
  • 100% quality and authenticity: The uniqueness of the essay is its sole charm; therefore, the topics instructed are approached from a fresh perspective and structured according to the current findings and perceptions of the majority.
  • The confidentiality policy: The personal and professional details of the customers are never leaked to the third party. Our website offers the safest platform for the customers to share their information.
  • Individual approach to the customer: The writers and the customers do not have to cross hurdles of formalities to interact with one another. The writer is just a ping! Or a click away for the customer.
  • Quick delivery: The work of the customers are completed in the instructed time and sent to their e-mail ID.

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