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The education field that deals with investments is termed as “Finance”. The dynamics of liabilities and assets under different situations of uncertainty and risk are included in this subject. Another apt definition of finance is “the science of wealth management”. The prices of assets are based on their level of risk and expectancy of the price return. The three important fields of finance are a) public finance, b) corporate finance, and d) personal finance. Additionally, the field of “behavioral finance” serves the purpose of learning more about the “human” side of the subject which is considered to be highly mathematical. The aim of the different fields of finance is:

  1. Public finance: In this section of finance the main roles is that of the government which keeps track of the important systems of wealth like the allocation of the funds, distribution of the incomes and stabilization of the entire economy. Through public finance, the failure of the national and the international market can be avoided and prevented.
  2. Corporate finance: The business enterprises acquire funds via credit arrangements and equity investments and also by buying securities. The new companies commenced, receive their investments from external or angel investors and venture capitalists. Funds are important for the long-term survival of the company.
  3. Personal finance: The basis of personal finance is earning more and spending less. The individual or individuals can maintain and store their wealth by spending it on things that are a necessity.

Finance is mainly mathematical because it is strictly related to the monetary value of things. For more than a few years the notion that any mathematical subject is difficult has embedded its root in the minds of the students which restricts them from even giving the subject of finance a second chance at learning. The basic mistakes that the students make are in the calculation part of the subject which results in incorrect outcomes. The students generally are not able to comprehend the real meaning of the questions, therefore, unable to provide the appropriate answer. Taking down the figures in the questions wrong is another common error that the students commit. Most of the times the students do not check the steps of the answer once it is completed and give up when the output obtained are incorrect.
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